Mission Banana

'A bunch of small changes that collectively, add up to some big wins' 
Sharon Luff, Chief Banana 

Every day in the U.K. we throw away 1.4 million edible bananas! That's the equivalent of £80 million per year in discarded bananas. 

To quote Julia Roberts - 'Big Mistake. BIG! HUGE!' 1.4 million bananas every day! To think about it another way, that's 350,000 loaves of Big Banana Bread, just tossed into the bin because a banana or two look a little 'past their prime'. Talk about slipping up on a banana skin! C'mon Britain - we can do better than that! 

At The Big Banana Bread Co, we concur with Ms Roberts and think this is a bonkers. Our collective attitudes to waste has to change. But rather than getting all grumpy about it, we believe it's possible for us all to turn our over-ripe banana frowns upside down. To rethink the possibilities of 'over-ripe' and turn them (and many other things we might normally consider 'over-ripe'), into something wonderful. 

We also believe that home has a big role to play in helping young people eat healthy, delicious, nutritious food. Through healthy eating and access to exercise and mental well-being, great things can come. 


1. Our #NoBananaLeftBehind policy aims to reduce banana waste in the U.K. by 50% by 2030, through community action and encouraging supermarkets to take a fresh approach to banana waste. 

2. Our #hackthemix campaign aims to inspire our bakers and little bakers to think differently about how to use your banana bread mix to make wonderful and tasty banana bakes with a twist - from banana bread crumble to banana bread and butter pudding.