#hackthemix: Chocolate Hazelnut Praline Banana Bread Cake

#hackthemix: Chocolate Hazelnut Praline Banana Bread Cake

Spoil yourself or someone you love with our chocolatey yummy banana bread cake - perfect for Valentines Day or just because! The crunchy surprise in the middle really makes this one very special dessert. This is the only time we'll let you call banana bread a cake!  

➡️ Ingredients:

1 x carton of Original or Vegan Big Banana Bread 
200g 70% dark chocolate / dairy free chocolate, chopped  
180g double cream / dairy free cream 
30g butter / dairy free margarine 
200g icing sugar, sifted 
Dash of milk / dairy free milk
60g bran / spelt flakes 
80g hazelnut praline paste / nutella / peanut butter  
Fresh fruit to decorate 

➡️ Method:

1. Banana Bread:  
Make your Big Banana Bread Original or Vegan mix the day before (pour prepared batter into a rectangle tin instead of a loaf tin.  Use a scone cutter to cut your cake into circles (about 8cm or whatever cutter you have).  You could use the inside of a glass too!  Wrap and freeze your rounds so it's easier to cut in half for when you are ready to ice and decorate. 

2. Chocolate Ganache:
Heat your cream on medium heat until warm but not boiling. Pour over chocolate and whisk until chocolate is completely melted (no lumps)!  Refrigerate until set.

3.  Praline Crunch:
Use your hands to crumble your bran flakes into pieces (not too small). Add your praline paste or equivalent.  Use the same size cutter to make your praline circles. Refrigerate until set.  

4. Ganache Buttercream icing: 
Once your ganache is set, you are now ready to make your icing. Put your butter in a bowl of an electric mixer. Whisk and then add icing sugar.  Add a dash of milk and your chocolate ganache and watch your ganache turn into delicious chocolatey buttercream icing! 

5. The fun bit! 
Cut your banana bread rounds into half and place a dollop of your chocolate ganache icing in the middle. Add your praline centre and sandwich together. Ice your cake completely with chocolate ganache buttercream icing and decorate with fruit.  



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