Where can I buy your banana bread?  We’re currently servicing the London area and are looking to expand nationally in the coming months.  Please get in touch via our social channels (@bigbananabread) or email us at info@bigbananabread.com for a list of stockists.

Who is our banana bread for?  The Big Banana Bread is for everyone! We think our banana bread lends itself to anywhere banana bread fans go- gyms, nurseries, schools, cafes, restaurants, health food chains, play / climbing / fitness centres, universities, corporate canteens, fresh food counters in supermarkets and convenience stores.  If you want banana bread at your local outlet or workplace, tell them to get in touch with us!

Why do you use refined sugar? Our Original 45 g slice has less than 1tsp of sugar and our large slice has just over a teaspoon in every slice. Most of the sweetness that you taste from our banana bread is made up from natural sugars from our ethically sourced bananas.  Why do we use refined sugar? The reason for this is because sugar acts as a natural preservative and our banana bread is made up of 40% bananas which means we need to extend our shelf life for our customers which makes it viable for wholesalers to stock us.  Sugar also acts as supporting agent to flour which enables our banana bread rise evenly.  You should be mindful when eating ‘healthy’ snacks,  dried fruits such as dates and prunes (as a refined sugar replacement) contain a high amount of fructose and are in fact 80% pure sugar.

Ingredients list:
Original – 40% banana puree, flour, sugar, free-range eggs, rapeseed oil, butter, vanilla essence, bi-carbonate soda, cinnamon (allergens: wheat, milk). (84g) slice: Energy 937kj 223 kcal, fat 5.3g, saturates 1.8g, sugars 5.7g, protein 2.4g, salt 0.58g (45g) slice: 502kj 120kcal, 2.9g fat, 3.1g sugars, protein 1.3g, satl 0.3g.

Gluten-Free – 40% banana puree, gluten-free flour, sugar, free-range eggs, rapeseed oil, soy milk, vanilla essence, bi-carbonate soda, cinnamon, xanthan gum (allergens: soya). (84g) slice: Energy 926kj 221 kcal, fat 5.2g, saturates 1.8g, sugars 5.5g, protein 1.7g, salt 0.6g (45g) slice: 496kj 118kcal, 2.8g fat, 2.9g sugars, protein 0.9g, salt 0.3g.

Why don’t I see bits of banana in your banana bread?  This is because we use banana puree. As you can appreciate, hand peeling bananas on a large scale is not economically viable.  This way we also ensure that our banana bread tastes consistent across all our bakes as bananas ripen over time at different stages, the ideal ‘bananary’ flavour doesn’t always coincide with when we have to bake.  It still tastes just as yummy if you were to make it at home yourself.

Do you sell vegan banana bread?  We know that our customers are increasingly becoming conscious of their food habits and how this is impacting the world around us. We all need to be mindful of this so we’re doing our bit by developing a vegan gluten-free banana bread slice.  Follow us on social so you’re the first to know about our new product launches!

Where do your ingredients come from? Our bananas are ethically sourced and come from Costa Rica. We support British trade and all remaining ingredients (flour, sugar, bi-carb, vanilla, butter, rapeseed oil, cinnamon) are locally sourced from the U.K, including our free-range eggs.

What is the shelf life of your banana bread? Our banana bread range has a shelf life of 7 days (open refrigeration) or 6 days ambient.  You can freeze our banana bread and toast from frozen in a toaster, on a hot plate, frying pan or in the oven under a grill.  We can deliver frozen which enables us to deliver U.K wide and internationally.

I would like to sell your banana bread, who should I get in touch with?  Please get in touch with JD’s Food Group who service Greater London / Brighton / M25 info@jdsfoodgroup.co.uk /phone: 020 8884 1639.   For any banana bread product related queries or if you would like to discuss international trade/licensing and national deliveries, please get in touch at info@bigbananabread.com